ZURB Wired

ZURB / 2012
branding, design & development

ZURB is a product design team based in Campbell, California that holds an annual event called ZURBwired. They help non-profit organizations come up with an effective marketing campaign and new design materials for both web and print—all within a mere 24 hours. ZURBwired 2012 helped the Family Giving Tree, a Bay area non-profit organization that fulfills holiday wishes and provides backpacks filled with school supplies to those children in need. I volunteered for this 24 hour design marathon.

I refreshed Family Giving Tree’s branding by offering up a new color system and refreshed typography making it feel more professional yet remain friendly. (View the brand update)

I was floored at the incredible amount of talent that was all being directed to making this herculean effort happen in just 24 hours. Brochures, Thank You cards, and stickers all delivered before the deadline. The completely redesigned website went live at 7am and we successfully hit the deadline with everything we set out to do. It was an wonderful experience and I’m proud that I was able to contribute to this amazing cause.

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