Widgetbox Mobile

Widgetbox / 2011
product design & development

Widgetbox was a consumer web widgets service that offered easy to customize widgets and mobile web apps for non-technical people to use on the web. Local businesses, restaurants, conferences, and more could take advantage of a simple to use service that would provide a mobile web app to their site's visitors.

We devised a simple, lightweight method to allow users to customize the theme of their mobile web app. I introduced the team to CSS pre-processor tools (Sass/Compass) to make it possible to manage and assemble a minimal stylesheet for the targeted mobile devices but a more extensive set of styles for the desktop browser-based editor.

Since the Widgetbox Mobile product was designed as a freemium subscription service, I helped define the features for the various subscription levels. Custom domains, the ability to choose your own menu icons, and to select custom fonts. I then worked with the team to A/B test purchase flows and to further build out product feature levels to optimize the product offering and attract new users.

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