Velocity Video Ad Builder

Flite / 2016
product design direction, branding

Flite created a lightweight, vertical video ad builder that allows you to quickly turn existing horizontal videos into full frame vertical video ads. You can easily trim the video into a short clip optimized for social media and then layer on animated brand elements to enrich the ad. Velocity is meant for marketers and everyday people who aren’t video production editors but want to produce vertical video content from existing assets.

I led the product design direction for Velocity. Working closely with my team, we proved out the enriched vertical video ad format by first making prototypes. We held several whiteboard sessions that brought us to our solution: a streamlined and directed workflow experience for the intended user that was built on the power and flexibility of Flite Design Studio.

While the product was being built, I developed the product name and logo design. I worked closely with the marketing team to incorporate the branding and product marketing into the sales and marketing materials.

The spirit of Velocity Video Ad Builder lives on as Snap Publisher.

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