Flite Design Studio

Flite  / 2012 – 2016
product design & direction

I led the product design efforts of Flite Design Studio— conceptualizing and developing many of the key features. I collaborated with my UX team, who produced high-fidelity HTML mockups that our engineering team developed from.

We sought out to develop an application to allow designers far greater flexibility assembling rich, interactive ads for the web, directly on the web. The goal was to offer an experience familiar to installed creative tools, such as Adobe Photoshop. Direct manipulation, drag-and-drop, and context-driven panels were fundamental to the success of the experience. We also evolved our component-based architecture to offer a simple yet powerful building block experience to add application functionality, such as Twitter, YouTube, and polls.

Design Studio was initially released in 2012 and became our UX vocabulary going forward for the product suite. It’s been well received by our customers and continues to prompt compliments on our overall UX design.

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